Great Lakes Boerboels - Boerboel Puppy with Heart Murmur


We paid $1400.for a guaranteed healthy puppy.

Shipped her to us. Our vet found a heart murmur. He said murmurs are genetic. They refuse to return money.

But admit they have had passed puppies with murmurs. They are aware of bad genetics and use the fact that if you are far away, they can stick you with a terminally sick puppy. Beware don't buy from them. Shipping was $450.

Vet bills are yet to be totaled up. Looking at several thousand $$$. We have to travel to Colorado State Univ. for tests and surgery if it is feasible.

Might not even be able to fix the problem vet said.I refused to sign contract stating I received a healthy puppy, so they won't give me her registration papers.

Review about: Unhealthy Puppy.

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